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Exclusive Interview with Dan Blondal, CEO of Nano One Materials Corp.

Rarely a broad hint is given as strong as this, that a license deal is only a question of time. We have inquired directly with the CEO. To cut a long story short: for Nano One the cash register ...

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NetCents Technology

NetCents Technology Inc.: Exclusive interview with CEO Clayton Moore

11.01.2018 - 10:22 by Profiteer

Profiteer: First of all, kudos to you. According to a recent Bloomberg article (www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-04/pot-stocks-yesterday-s-news-as-canada-gripped-by-bitcoin-fever), NetCents Technology was the best performing cryptocurrency stock in Canada last year. Were you surprised about the huge interest from new investors?

Clayton Moore: Of course, we were thrilled with the market response to our launch, but no, with the interest and lead-up to our Coin and Exchange launch, we anticipated that as we got closer to launch date, that interest in both NetCents and the NetCents Coin would ramp up. Our predictions on this came true as we saw the spike in our stock price, users, and coin sales.

This is just the beginning of what to expect for NetCents and the NetCents Coin. As we roll out our current merchant partners and onboard new ones, we anticipate that we will continue to see a great growth trajectory for NetCents, the NetCents Coin, and our stock price.

Profiteer: A bit more than one year ago, the Hillcore Group was trying to cut a licensing deal with NetCents to rapidly deploy your payment processing platform internationally but you were unable to agree on final terms and conditions. Recently, you added Jean-Marc Bougie, CEO of the Hillcore Group, to your board of directors. What role will the Hillcore Group play in your expansion strategy?

Clayton Moore: Indeed, at the end of 2016 we were looking to do a licensing deal with the Hillcore Group for the NetCents technology internationally. Ultimately, we could not agree to terms but developed a very good working relationship with Hillcore’s CEO, Jean-Marc Bougie.

We had collectively agreed that it would be in NetCents’ best interest to retain all of technology rights. Jean-Marc understood and shared our vision. He subsequently assisted us with the development of the NetCents Coin, co-authoring the whitepaper. We are delighted that he has accepted our invitation to join the NetCents board. Separately, Hillcore acquired an equity interest in NetCents and is very supportive. They are there to help us as and when needed.

Profiteer: The presale of the NetCents Coin exceeded your internal expectations by far. 10 million coins were sold in two releases. When do you expect to sell the third and fourth release?

Clayton Moore: The release mechanism for the coin is very rigid. It is based on the trading value of the coin. Once the trading price of the coin crosses specific thresholds, the new releases are triggered. The coin has been trading since December 1st on very low volume. No marketing or education has been done since.

A comprehensive program will be initiated shortly and we expect interest in the coin to pick up. The price of the coin is likely to rise and trigger additional releases.

Profiteer: Can you elaborate a bit more about your marketing strategy for the NetCents Coin and its adoption?

Clayton Moore: Our marketing focus going into the new year is going to focus heavily on both brand awareness and user acquisition. You will start to see a lot more press and influencer buzz around NetCents layered in with referral and user acquisition campaigns.

Profiteer: Are merchants out of your network already using the NetCents Coin? What are your expectations regarding your collaboration with Flexepin and Poynt?

Clayton Moore: Currently, merchants outside of our network are not using the NetCents Coin. As we launch our merchant partnerships with Aliant, Poynt, and Flexepin users will start to be able to use their NetCents Coins to complete their online transactions. Additionally, we are working on adding in more merchants to our system that will also accept NCCO as a form of tender.

Profiteer: At the end of November 2017, you signed a five-year contract with Aliant Payment System, a company that is processing a volume of half a trillion dollar per year with almost 7,000 US-based merchants. How many percent of this transaction volume will be done in crypto-currencies this year? What are your expectations?

Clayton Moore: We are looking at some pretty conservative numbers initially and in the first 12 months the emphasis will be on ensuring all 7,000 merchants are integrated and have access to the platform. Once there is user and merchant acceptance our revenue numbers and EBITDA are very attractive. We anticipate that 3 to 5 years out the company could possibly put $2.0 Billion on the bottom line.

Profiteer: How is your normal processing business going?

Clayton Moore: The current emphasis for the company is to be at the forefront of the move to digital payments so that is where the company is focusing its processing efforts.

Profiteer: At the moment, NetCents Technology can be traded in Canada and in Germany. Are you also looking to do a secondary listing in the US? Are you thinking about a move from the Canadian Securities Exchange to the TSX Venture?

Clayton Moore: The company has been approached by the TSX Venture about up listing but with the success the company is experiencing and the expansion which is planned, we may decide to bypass the TSXV and go directly to the NASDAQ.

Profiteer: Are you planning to do some M&A activities?

Clayton Moore: This is something that we are evaluating but cannot comment on currently.

Profiteer: Despite the huge run of the NetCents share price, we did not see any insiders selling. Where do you see NetCents Technology in 2-3 years from now? What is your exit strategy?

Clayton Moore: The company’s senior management knows where the company will potentially be in 2-3-4-5 years etc. in terms of revenues, so selling their positions at this stage just does not make sense.

The company will continue to evolve and will be able to offer a very comprehensive integrated suite of financial services all based on blockchain and digital currencies. In terms of an exit strategy, from a company perspective, it will undoubtedly be acquired by a major financial player.

Profiteer: Thanks for the interview and a lot of success for the future!

The translated interview in German can be found here:
NetCents Technology Inc.: Exklusivinterview mit CEO Clayton Moore.




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