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Exclusive Interview with Dan Blondal, CEO of Nano One Materials Corp.

Rarely a broad hint is given as strong as this, that a license deal is only a question of time. We have inquired directly with the CEO. To cut a long story short: for Nano One the cash register ...

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Sirona Biochem Corp.

Exclusive Interview with Howard Verrico, CEO of Sirona Biochem Corp.

13.06.2019 - 12:30 by Profiteer

However, some investors obviously did not understand or misinterpret this press release and sent the Sirona share down.


Exclusive Interview with Howard Verrico, CEO of Sirona Biochem Corp.

Profiteer: Howard, we received a lot of emails after your latest press release and would like to clarify some items with you. Will the new tests delay potential licensing deals?

Howard Verrico: No, it’s positive news to partners and will expedite the process because it is an added value for the compound. Some consumers want options when they use products for personal reasons. Some people like higher dosing - maybe it gives a quicker result or a stronger result. We don’t know in this case. Many active ingredients in skincare are provided at various doses and having this flexibility is important in a commercial sense.

Profiteer: Why were there any technical issues at all in the in-vitro test?

Howard Verrico: The test requires the compound to be soluble in water, but our compound is soluble in oil - much like skin which is why it is so good getting through the dermal layers and having high efficacy. The test was modified to allow testing in oil and the modification needed approval.

Profiteer: If in-vivo studies were carried out in China, why was the result not published?

Howard Verrico: The tests were conducted by independent cosmetic companies for their own due diligence purposes. For strategic reasons, they did not allow the data to be published.

Profiteer: If the first test series was really so positive, why isn't TFC-1067 not already being used commercially?

Howard Verrico: It will be used commercially at the current dosing. This is to allow for higher dosing in future by partners. The process of getting a product to shelves takes time and is underway - nothing to do with our dosing.

Profiteer: Are potential partners not happy with current results and have requested a new study with higher dosing?

Howard Verrico: No. Potential partners are happy with the results and negotiations are ongoing. This was not requested by them. This was our own initiative to enhance TFC-1067.

Profiteer: Are the Chinese doing an own study again like last time or are you doing these new tests in-house?

Howard Verrico: The Chinese have not requested to do any further studies at higher dosing.

Profiteer: Some investors assume that in-vitro testing including the cultivation and multiplication of skin cells and their evaluation would take about 8 - 10 weeks, followed by the in-vivo studies with another 8 - 10 weeks. They expect to see tangible results in 4 months from now at the earliest. How long does it take for the results of the clinical study with the new dosage to be available?

Howard Verrico: This provides an option to do clinical testing at higher doses by us or by partners. This data is not critical to complete future licensing deals.

Profiteer: What does the study cost and who finances it?

Howard Verrico: Sirona is currently funding an in vitro test for irritation which will provide information for partner. It is not an expensive test.

Profiteer: Does Sirona need funding if a licensing deal cannot be closed in the next 3-6 months?

Howard Verrico: Sirona’s business plan is fully funded.

Profiteer: Would you consider giving potential licensing partners a seat in your board of directors?

Howard Verrico: We will consider any board members that make sense strategically for the company.

Profiteer: Thanks for the interview and a lot of success for the future!


The translated interview in German can be found here:
Exklusivinterview mit Howard Verrico, CEO von Sirona Biochem Corp..






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